Pre-ETS Pharmacy Clerk Training Program Now Available Statewide in Oregon

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  • Published on January 25

"Our goal is to introduce neurodiverse and disabled students to allied health careers such as pharmacy clerks. Newly trained workers are needed in urban and rural Oregon, because that's where the pharmacy clerk shortages are most acute," said workability's founder Sheila Jordan.

Bend, Oregon - workability LLC has contracted with the State of Oregon's Pre-Employment Training Services (Pre-ETS) department to provide career exploration and summer work experience for students with I/DD aged 17 to 21 who reside anywhere in Oregon.

"We originally focused on rural counties in Eastern Oregon, but we received so many inquiries from transition specialists and students in other counties in Western Oregon, we requested that Vocational Rehab allow us to offer the program statewide, and it was approved," said Jordan.

The requirements for participating in this program are:

- A current Oregon student in secondary or post-secondary education.

- Receiving services under an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, or has a documented disability, and

- Between the ages of 14-21.

How workability will support students' career exploration, training and summer work experience*:

- They'll receive access to a free, online training program at no cost.

- They must complete the online training program before they can start a summer work experience. The online training is 15 hours long and can be done at their own pace. It's best to online learning start right away so they will be ready for a summer work experience.

workability will provide weekly, online support groups where students can ask questions about what they are learning and get answers. These will be led by a licensed pharmacist.

Once students complete the online training, we will help them to land a paid summer work experience in a pharmacy or other healthcare setting in the community where you reside.

Fill out the Pre-Employment Request for Consultation​ form (DHS 1723 or DHS 1723s) and email directly to ​ for processing.