Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC

Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC

About Us

Committed. Collaborative. Competitive.

Why Beacon Hill?

Built around teams of experts in workforce solutions, project management, and talent recruitment and deployment, we are passionate about solving your workforce challenges, big or small. As a self-directed, independently-funded firm, we have the freedom to custom-build solutions for your unique talent needs. When it comes to strategic and agile workforce solutions, our combined experience delivers the niche services that will help you outperform your competition.



Agile and efficient delivery


Deep collective expertise


Motivated by problem-solving


Exceptional retention


Nationwide strength

Our core business values

If you've worked with us before, you know that our values are not just words on a page – they are the expectations against which we measure ourselves. We have earned "best in class" recognition from our candidates, clients, and internal employees for serving all three constituencies with service well beyond that of our industry peers.


  • Every candidate relationship begins with an initial in-depth conversation. We believe this not only makes for a better, more informed match but also begins the critical process of trust. In order to make the right decisions about personnel, you need to get personal.


  • We pursue multilateral agreements – wins for our candidates, clients, and us. This establishes a baseline assurance of decency, because we are working with the benefits of all parties in mind.


  • Even as a privately-held organization, we have emphasized clarity and transparency as a core of our business. That's why we've made it a focus to see our historical performance and how it compares industry-wide.

Mutual respect

  • The staffing industry is wrought by high turnover, with some estimates pegging the figure for recruiters and salespeople at around 25%, and for contract employees a disquieting 440%. We consistently deliver engagements that exceed the industry because we start with a healthy respect for both client and candidate needs.
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