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The Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) difference is that we offer only independent process chemical engineering services – no EPC and no mechanical, electrical, structural, or civil services. 

As a chemical process engineering company, we provide design, applied chemical engineering, and safety services to a wide range of process industries. These include petroleum refining, chemical production, alternative fuels, food grade products, nuclear materials processing, and many more. Unlike most consulting firms, we apply our process engineering capabilities over the entire range of industrial processes and are totally independent and unbiased. We also routinely work as a subcontractor to these industries via more traditional engineering A/E or E/C firms.

Our personnel are experienced, highly motivated chemical engineers with track records of significant achievement in all facets of process engineering and plant design. We are independent of any other engineering firms, equipment providers, or technology providers so as to remain technically unbiased in the delivery of our services. PROCESS does not own or sell any licensed process technologies.


Process Engineering Associates (PROCESS) was founded on the basis of providing chemical engineering services. However, with such a narrow focus of engineering discipline it was recognized that we needed to be as broad as possible in plying our trade so as not to restrict our growth potential. We recognized that it would be easy to get niched into becoming specialists in one particular type of process or industry segment. To this end, from the company inception in 1996, PROCESS has worked hard to provide our services to as many different markets and types of clients as possible. This is also a natural fit because chemical engineering is the application of fundamental principals (thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, etc.) which makes our skill set easily transportable between vastly different processes and products. PROCESS prides itself on delivering our services to such a wide breadth of markets – from food grade materials and cosmetics to nuclear materials processing and everything in between. Dealing with such vastly different processes helps keep our engineers challenged and provides many opportunities to bring fresh problem solving approaches from a different perspective. Read on to learn more about how we support a wide range of process industry markets.

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