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Welcome to See’s!

Our first shop opened in 1921 at 135 Western Avenue North in Los Angeles, California.

See’s makes over 26 million pounds of candy every year!Lollipops and Assorted ChocolatesA one-pound box of See’s holds about 26 pieces.

All of our chocolate is aged for a richer, smoother taste.

Bordeaux™ is our most popular flavor!

Oh Lollypop!

See’s Lollypops and Little Pops® are made in a special nut-free facility, including all our seasonal flavors.

I Love Lucy TV Show

We Love LucySee’s Los Angeles candy kitchen played a starring role in the hilarious I Love Lucy “Job Switching” episode.Motorcycle DeliveryOur fleet of custom motorcycles used to deliver candy around Los Angeles, including to many Hollywood celebrities!

Arrow - decorativeWe love showcasing vintage photographs, like this one of our motorcycles, in every See’s shop!

Shop checkout counterStep into a See’s shop for a sweet experience, where we hand out 1 million pounds of free samples every year. Yum!

Chocolate Treasures

After years of taste testing, Truffles were introduced to the See’s line in 1985. And we’ve never looked back.

Truffle PiecesFrom Raspberry to Deep Dark Chocolate, See’s Truffles have a loyal following.

Don’t miss amazing seasonal flavors like Egg Nog and Pumpkin Pie!

Photo of Mary See

When Charles started the company, his mother Mary made the candy from scratch. And we still make Peanut Brittle and Fudge using her original recipes!7000 pound lollypop on a scale7,000 pounds

See’s giant chocolate lollypop, weighing 7,000 pounds, was recognized by Guinness as the world’s largest!